Matrix Matters provides a variety of special products and tools designed to  enhance and magnify The Matrix Energetics Experience for people all  around the world . Our media offers the introduction, knowledge and  techniques to explore ones’  inner and outer universe as taught  exclusively by Dr. Richard Bartlett.

Our beautiful Matrix jewelry was lovingly designed by a Peruvian Shaman  Artist and Jeweler; the stones blessed in ceremony to ground the wearer  with their Matrix Experience. Each piece is unique due to nature’s  variations in the gemstones and in the handcrafting process. The Matrix  Energetics symbol is the archetype of all of Matrix Energerics  teachings, where one can access the morphic field in their healing  endeavors. The upper rings represent the upper sphere or heaven. The  lower rings represent the physical world and nature spirits. The center  is where the two forces create a cosmic dance. The fingers of god,  representing the five elements of Eastern medicine, remind us that  infinite possibilities are available to us all!

Lastly, our growing list of natural products and special offerings just add  more ways to increase joy, good health and meaning on one’s path through the inner and outer universe in connection with the divine.

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